Elevating the student experience with custom campus solutions

As an education institution, you want your students to have the best academic experience. As a business entity, you want to make smart choices that keep your institution operating efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

At Kingdom Builders we take care of managing student campus expectations so that you can focus on attracting the next generation of learners. We know what students want and we use that knowledge to create the ultimate campus experience.

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  • K – 12 Schools & Districts link to facilities services)


Keeping communities moving and safe. Kingdom Builders provides traffic control services to create safe, quality work zones throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Business & Government 

Diversity, healthy and collaborative workplace: we’re in the building. (Headline)

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest is important to any business. But today’s employees look for more than just a good salary and a secure work environment. They look for an exciting, collaborative workspace and want to know that their employer has their best interests in mind. We can deliver a fresh, clean, engaging workplace environment that will not only keep your employees productive and healthy, but also impact your bottom line.


You take care of your patients, let us take care of your healthcare supportive services.  We focus on maintaining clean, comfortable healthcare spaces and keep patients out of harms way.

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